Warmer Kiwi Homes - Insulation and Heating Grants

Last updated: 4 April 2022

Warmer Kiwi Homes program provides 80% grants of the cost of ceiling, underfloor insulation, and heating equipments to low-income home-owners.


As of 20 May, 2021, New Zealand government allocated NZD 47.622 million to extend the Warmer Kiwi Homes program for 2021/2022 fiscal year, and NZD 72.43 million for 2022/2023. The programme is expected to deliver a further 47 700 insulation and heating retrofits. Grants cover 80 percent of the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation and/or an efficient heater for low income homeowners. Since the start of the programme (July 2018), over 65 000 insulation and heating retrofits have been completed. 


The programme is administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

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