(Alaska) Administrative Code (Chapter 25 - Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission)

Last updated: 30 April 2022

The Alaska Administrative Code (AAC), in its Chapter 25, outlines provisions related to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates oil and gas development in Alaska. This includes requirements related to drilling permits, safety of procedures and equipment, integrity of wells, gas detection, abandonment of wells and other aspects of oil and gas production.


The regulation specifies that controlled releases of oil or gas must be reported, including a description of the responsive actions taken to prevent additional releases as well as plans, actions, equipment, or procedural changes made to prevent or minimize the risk of future releases.  Section 20 AAC 25.235 covers gas disposition. It prohibits flaring except in the case of emergency or system testing (subparts b, c, and d). Cases where flaring or venting can be authorized are listed under subpart d (e.g. flaring or venting of gas for purposes of testing a well before regular production).  Furthermore, operators are required to report any gas flared or vented to the regulator with a written supplement for any incident exceeding one hour. Operators must also follow good oil field engineering practices and conservation purposes in order to minimize the volume of gas released. 

In addition, Section 20 AAC 25.066 prescribes the methane detection system that are required throughout the drilling process. Section 20 AAC 25.112 lays out the specific mandatory plugging requirement for all uncased portion of a wellbore.


The regulator has the power to require tests or surveys be made to determine the existence of any waste of oil, gas, or reservoir energy and can conduct on-site inspections at its discretion to ensure compliance with this code. Section 20 AAC 25.535 outlines enforcement measures, including applicable penalties and sanctions (e.g. revocation or suspension of a permit).

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