Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dated May 10, 2019 No. ZRU-537 "On Public-Private Partnership"

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 19 January 2022

The law contributes to the formation, restoration, operation, maintenance of the existing public infrastructure, including the energy sector.It creates conditions for attracting private sector financial resources, including foreign investment. The adoption of the Law On Public-Private Partnership in Uzbekistan contributes to the development of the energy sector and, in particular, renewable energy sources. It provides the necessary conditions for attracting foreign investors to the generation market as independent electricity producers The implementation of investment projects in the field of renewable energy on PPP terms has many advantages, the whole process of project implementation (attraction of financing, implementation of a feasibility study, selection of technologies, logistics, construction and installation works, operation of a power facility during the life cycle and ownership) refers to the obligation of the investor, and the task of a single purchaser of electricity, i.e. JSC National Electric Grids of Uzbekistan to carry out a guaranteed purchase of generated electricity.

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