Support to airline companies

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 10 February 2022

In order to support the drop in activity due to the Covid-19 crisis, the government of Russia had allocated RUB 23.4 billion to help airline companies in 2020. Conditions are attached to these subsidies: no more than 60% can be used for aviation personnel, 30% for lease payments and 10% for aircraft parking. The program was retroactively extended to cover not only February-July, but also partial compensation for August to November 2020. The rate for calculating subsidies for each passenger who did not fly due to COVID-19 restrictions was also increased in this extension, and a higher ratio was applied for Far Eastern airlines. The Government had subsidised 138 additional Moscow-bypass routes, priority support given to the airlines operating the latest Russian aircraft. Carriers co-financed by the regions remain eligible for federal compensations.

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