Korean New Deal 10 key projects – Green remodeling

Last updated: 4 April 2022

Among the 10 key projects stated in the Korean New Deal, one is related to retrofitting buildings. To do so, the government intends to:          


- Retrofit public rental homes older than 15 years, old day care centres and healthcare facilities to become energy efficient      

- To build new day care centres and public sports facilities with energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials     

- To retrofit a total of 1,148 recreation facilities to be energy-efficient, with solar generation systems and LED lamps     

- To develop underground power lines and communications cables in school zones, through an investment of 2 trillion won by 2025.      


A total of 3.1 trillion won will be invested (1.8 trillion won from fiscal investment) by 2022, creating 78,000 jobs, and by 2025 a total of 5.4 trillion won (3.0 trillion won from fiscal investment) will be invested, creating 124,000 jobs.

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