Recovery and resilience plan

Last updated: 20 July 2021

The Minister of Finance presented to the EU Commission the draft "Plan for recovery and resilience" (PRR) of Luxembourg, which represents a key stage in the implementation of recovery efforts at European level in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Luxembourg's allocation under the 'Recovery and Resilience Facility' amounts to around € 93 million (which will add up to the 2.9 billion EUR of investments expected by the national government for 2021) and the projects pre-selected by the government are based on 3 pillars, namely:


    1. Social cohesion and resilience
      • With the development of digital skills, “Future Skills” and “Digital Skills” initiatives seek to strengthen and diversify the professional skills of job seekers and short-term workers (€ 6.51 million from RRF)
      • The PRR targets to strengthen its resilience by implementing new digital solutions (€ 1.16 million from RRF)
      • Objective of ‘greening’ economy take a consideration on environmental and climatic sustainability integrated into the housing policy, as well as social equity in housing distribution (€ 24 million from RRF)


2. Green transition

      • By promoting vehicles with low or zero emissions and the rapid development of electromobility, the PRR targets to increase energy efficiency and reach the decarbonisation in transport (30.5 million EUR)
      • “Naturepakt” initiative subsidizes the participation of municipalities in the implementation of national strategies regarding a conservation of the biodiversity. (6 million EUR)


3. Digitalization, innovation, and governance

      • Promoting data-based economy (10 million EUR)
      • Modernisation of public administration & promoting a transparent and equitable economy (15 million EUR)


The plan includes measures in skilling, healthcare, housing, decarbonisation of transport, protection of biodiversity, innovation, digitalisation of public administration, and promotion of a transparent and fair economy.

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