Ujwal Bharat - Power Sector Reform & Energy Access

Last updated: 12 May 2021
Ujwal Bharat is a scheme first put forth under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May of 2016. It includes power sector reform and general goals of lighting up or electrifying India's traditionally stranded and disconnected places. It's main mission underscores: 24 x 7 affordable environmental friendly power for all by 2019 connecting the unconnected affordable environment friendly.This would include DISCOMs (electricity distributors) and specific goals. This includes rural electrification; some villages do not have electricity. They need to be connected to the grid and alot that have do not get it 24x7. It is important to note that India generates electricity in excess capacity but there are issues with transmission and distribution. For renewables, the government has programs for solar and massive capacity addition is happening. Even LED lights are being provided at a subsidised rate.There is also cheap solar power production, but some are questioning the financial health of these firms. They have started this process of auction where they allot the project to those who bid the lowest electricity supply cost. 7,500 un-electrified villages as of April 1st, 2015 have been connected to the electricity grid. Promote Coal us transparency through the Coal Allocation Monitoring System (CAMS) gives information regarding coal price, availability and utilization for small and medium scale consumers average stock exceeds 25 days compared to 7 days before transprent e-auctions of coal blocks Recharging hydroelectric power by reviving 1, 200 MW Teesta Hydro Project Promotion of Hydro projects through exemption form competitive bidding until 2020 Hydro is not an obligation from Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) making it more attractive Gas Plants Revival - revived stranded assets plants of capacity of 11, 717MW with supply of regasified liquid natural gas (RLNG) through transparent e-auction Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and PuducherryUDAY: turnaround DISCOMs through financial and operational efficiency improvements: budget discpline and smart infrastructure; 10 states sign agreement 8 states and 1 territory have agreed to join Tariff Policy - integrated power development scheme with microgrids, smart metering, affordable power near coal mines through washery rejects cooperative federalism: evaluation of transmission and assess energy requirement for connected and unconnected users Incorporation of a mobile application to track energy consumption across territories Transparent procurement to reduce price of LEDs by 82%

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