Rules for supervision and administration of central SOEs energy conservation and ecological environmental protection (draft for public consultation)

Last updated: 5 April 2022

As of 27 January 2021, more than 29 SOEs responded to President Xi’s announcement on China's 2060 carbon neutrality vision by presenting carbon neutrality plans or drafting strategies. Few have announced specific timelines but more are expected to do so following the approval of the 14th Five-year Plan in March 2021. 

Draft rules classify state owned enterprises (SOEs) based on their energy consumption level and emissions level of main pollutants, and offer preliminary assessment criteria. Under those, SOEs are to: 


- control their energy consumption level;

- improve their energy efficiency;

- reduce pollutant emissions;

- control GHG emissions; 

- actively engage in actions to peak CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutrality;

- build targeted action plans;

- increase their budgets and research to deploy low-carbon technologies;

- develop and utilize renewable energy sources.    


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