Opinion on Accelerating the Establishment of Regulatory and Policy System for Green Production and Consumption

Last updated: 15 June 2021
The Opinion, jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Justice, raises three main goals for 2025: to further improve laws, standards, and policies related to green production and consumption; to establish an institutional framework with incentives and constraints; and to fully implement green production and consumption methods in key areas, sectors and processes.The Opinion lists nine main task areas: promoting green design, strengthening clean production in manufacturing, developing circular economy in industries, improving industry pollution management, promoting clean energy development, promoting green agricultural development, promoting green development in service sectors, widening consumption of green products, and promoting green lifestyles.The Opinion emphasises the need to promote clean energy development by improving regulations and policies that are compatible with the large-scale development of renewable energy, including through regulations and policy adjustments for planning and integration, grid consumption and price mechanisms. It calls for increased policy support for distributed energy, smart grids, energy storage technology, and multi-energy complementarity, formulation of standards and support for the development of new energy sources, such as hydrogen and marine energy. The Opinion also calls for the establishment of policy mechanisms for the clean development and utilisation of coal throughout its life cycle and in the entire industrial chain; as well as the establishment of a full life cycle assessment mechanism for energy consumption, emissions and costs in energy development and production, trade and transportation, equipment manufacturing, and conversion and utilisation.

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