Draft standard PROY-NOM-034-ENER / SE-2020, Energy efficiency and safety requirements of fans. Limits, testing methods and labeling.

Last updated: 15 June 2021
This is the first MEPS for fans in Mexico.This draft standard establishes the minimum Energy Efficiency of ceiling fans, with or without lighting equipment and, wall, pedestal, floor and table fans, as well as the test methods, the safety requirements, the labeling and the procedure for conformity assessment. Apply to:a) Wall, pedestal, floor or table fans, whose blades are equal to or greater than a diameter of 0.1016 m (4 in) and up to 1.52 m (60 in).b) General purpose ceiling fans whose blades are equal to or greater than 0.9144 m (36 in) in diameter and up to 2.13 m (84 in).Which are imported, manufactured or marketed, as well as those that are distributed or supplied for promotional purposes, within the territory of the United Mexican States.

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