New mechanism to provide energy service to more Colombian homes

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 18 November 2022

In line with the National Development Plan 2018-2022 and heeds the suggestions of the experts of Focus 4 of the Energy Transformation Mission, the National Government enabled a new mechanism for the Network Operators of the National Interconnected System (SIN) to continue bringing electric power service to more Colombian homes through isolated solutions, that is, power generation systems that are not connected to the SIN through physical distribution networks.      


Currently, in Colombia there is a potential of approximately 338,000 households that could have access to electricity service thanks to this new mechanism. According to information from the Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME), about 170,000 families could be served with isolated micro-grids and 168,000 with individual isolated solutions, mainly with generation based on Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Sources (FNCER).      


Through Decree 099 of 2021, an endorsement was also given so that the resources of the Financial Support Fund for the Energization of Interconnected Rural Zones (FAER) can be allocated for the implementation of this type of coverage expansion projects.

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