Climate Innovation Research Opportunity investment program

Last updated: 8 July 2021

The White House launched an innovation effort to create jobs while tackling climate change, including a new research working group, the outline for an innovation agenda, and a $100 million grant program from the Department of Energy for low-carbon energy technologies.     


The Climate Innovation Working Group will focus on:

- net-zero carbon buildings at net-zero cost;

- energy storage for one-tenth of today's costs;  

- advanced energy system management tools to plan for and operate a grid powered by zero carbon power plants;   

- very low-cost zero carbon on-road vehicles and transit systems;  

- new, sustainable fuels for aircraft and ships, as well as general improvements in efficiency and transportation management;   

- climate friendly, affordable refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps;

- carbon-free heat and industrial processes that capture emissions from making steel, concrete, chemicals and other important industrial products;  

- carbon-free hydrogen at a lower cost than hydrogen from polluting sources;

- innovative soil management, plant biology, and agricultural techniques to remove CO2 from the air and store it in the ground;   

- direct air capture systems and retrofits in existing industrial and power plant exhausts, to capture CO2 and use it to make alternative products or permanently sequester it deep underground.

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