Support for the introduction of high-performance ventilation equipment

Last updated: 4 April 2022

The new coronavirus infection has rapidly deteriorated business conditions of restaurants and other establishments.


In response, the government supports the introduction of high-efficiency equipment, such as high-performance ventilation equipment, which has high ventilation capacity and contributes to reducing the amount of CO2 in buildings, to avoid creating an enclosed space for restaurants and other facilities used by a large number of people, thereby reducing the risk of the spread of infectious diseases as well as reducing emissions from commercial facilities.


The objectives are that:  


  • In the summer, the hot and humid outside air can be cooled and dehumidified, and in the winter, the heat and humidity can be transferred to prevent drying.  
  • Through efficient ventilation equipment, it is possible not only to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, but also to save energy and CO2 by suppressing the loss of heating and cooling heat.
  • In addition, with the cooperation of businesses that introduced high-performance ventilation equipment after the Covid-19 pandemic, the government will use nudges to gently support the increase in users and make efforts to verify.


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