Electric car plans for 2050 'net-zero' goal

Last updated: 11 February 2022

The Korean government, has announced its plan to develop 20 million electric cars to reach its 2050 net-zero goal. The plan will expand the country's current supply and production of hydrogen and electric-powered cars, including the installation of more charging stations ahead of the nation's planned era for a 20 million vehicle market, along with stations for hydrogen-fueled vehicles in cities and metropolitan areas. 

To create an ecosystem for the new and promising low-carbon industry, the government plans to secure core technology for next-generation batteries such as high-performance lithium secondary batteries. By stimulating the use of green hydrogen, the aim is to convert more than 80% of the country's hydrogen energy into green hydrogen by 2050. 

To protect sectors, regions and workers affected by the transition to a carbon neutral society, the government will also adopt a system to protect vulnerable industries and people and help them shift to new industrial systems. The design of systems for things like technological research and development, fiscal support and green finance to boost the foundation of carbon-neutral systems will also be pushed forward.

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