Low-carbon and Zero-emissions Fuels Fund (including hydrogen)

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 30 January 2024

Launched by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada seeks to position the country as a global hydrogen leader, as a key part of the path to net-zero emissions by 2050. The Strategy is underpinned by a federal investment of $1.5 billion in a Low-carbon and Zero-emissions Fuels Fund to increase the production and use of low-carbon fuels, including hydrogen. The Strategy aims to reduce GHG emissions to 45 million metric tonnes a year in 2030 and would create up to 350 000 new jobs by 2050, building a $50 billion domestic hydrogen market. In the near-term (2020-2025) hydrogen use will be dominated by mature technologies, mainly in the transport sector. In the mid-term (2025-2030) industrial clusters will play an important role, also in the implementation of integrated networks. In the long-term (2030-2050) hydrogen will be used in high power demand applications, and blending in the gas distribution grid will accelerate its growth.

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