Norwegian Regulations relating to Management and the Duty to Provide Information in the Petroleum Activities and at Certain Onshore Facilities (The Management Regulations)

Last updated: 30 November 2020

The objective of this regulation is to ensure that the responsible party takes measures to manage health, safety and the environment as well as develops strategies to continuously improve them. It requires them to set internal requirements and create measurement parameters and indicators to monitor factors of significance to health, safety and the environment. The regulation requires the collection of information, planning and work processes to be in accordance with these objectives; and that, risk analyses and emergency preparedness assessments be carried out.


Responsible parties must ensure that hazardous situations that have occurred or that may lead to acute pollution or other harm are recorded and examined to prevent recurrence. The regulation stipulates a range of activities, for which consent must be attained before commencement.


Information on monitoring, emissions, discharges and risk of pollution must be provided to the Norwegian Environment Agency. The regulation requires operators to submit annual reports to this agency in accordance with the Guidelines for reporting from the petroleum activities offshore (Section 34 (c)). In accordance with this, companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf are required to quantify and report methane emissions in petroleum activities.


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