Oil and Gas Conservation Act (Saskatchewan)

Last updated: 28 June 2022

The purposes of this Act are: 

"(a) to minimize waste and prevent wasteful operations; 

(b) to regulate all operations for the production of oil and gas in such manner that the greatest possible ultimate recovery thereof by prudent and proper operations and practices may be realized; 

(c) to allow each owner the opportunity of obtaining that owner’s share of the oil or gas from a pool; 

(e) to develop, process, utilize, protect and conserve the oil and gas resources of Saskatchewan; 

(f) to protect the environment, property and the safety of the public with respect to the operations of the oil and gas industry; 

(g) to regulate the injection, storage and withdrawal of substances into or from subsurface formations; 

(h) to regulate the injection of oil and gas waste and non-oil-and-gas substances into subsurface formations; 

(i) to regulate the withdrawal of substances from a well for commercial, industrial or other uses, including increasing or improving oil or gas recovery or operations; and 

(j) to regulate wells and facilities for non-renewable resource management purposes, including primary production of minerals other than oil and gas" (section 3).

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