Barrow Island Act 2003

Last updated: 28 June 2022

The purpose of the Act, according to the preface, is 

- "to ratify, and authorise the implementation of, an agreement between the State and the Gorgon joint venturers relating to a proposal to undertake offshore production of natural gas and other petroleum and a gas processing and infrastructure project on Barrow Island; the agreement having been entered into having regard to the need to minimise environmental disturbance on Barrow Island (a class A nature reserve) and providing for the support of conservation programs relating to Barrow Island and other parts of the State; 

- to make provisions to enable land on Barrow Island (but no more than 332 ha in total of uncleared land) to be used, under the Land Administration Act 1997, for gas processing project purposes; 

- to make provisions as to the conveyance and underground disposal of carbon dioxide recovered during gas processing on Barrow Island" 

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