Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution - Point 7: Greener Buildings

Last updated: 20 October 2021

As part of the ten point plan, the UK will develop increase buildings' energy efficiency.


The plan will increase funding by 1 billion GBP by:

- extending the Green Homes Grant for another year,

- increasing spending within the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme,

- upgrading heat systems in rural areas through the Homes Upgrade Grant,

- committing further funding for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund to continue upgrading the least efficient social housing.


The policy will also:

- implement Future Home Standard (70-80% lower emissions than today),

- consult on increased standards for non-domestic buildings,

- upgrade EE standards of household products, including by launching an improved Energy Technology List website.  and move away from

- reform pricing and regulations to reinforce the shift from fossil fueled boilers, especially for off-grid homes (target for 600 000 heat pump installations per year by 2028)

- extend Energy Company Obligations for energy efficiency and addressing fuel poverty to 2026

- introduce mandatory disclosure requirements for lenders on the energy performance of homes on which they lend and setting voluntary improvement targets.


Expected results:

- Help improve EE of around 2.8 million homes

- leverage around 11 billion GBP of private investment in the 2020s

- savings of 71 MtCO2e between 2023 and 2032, or 16% of 2018 UK emissions


2021: set out Heat and Buildings Strategy

2021: Launch a world class energy related products policy framework. Push for products to use less energy, resources and materials, saving carbon and helping households and businesses to reduce their energy bills with minimum effort.

By 2032: ensure that the public sector has reduced its direct emissions by 50% compared to a 2017 baseline.



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