Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution - Point 6: Jet Zero and Green Ships

Last updated: 27 October 2021

As part of the Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution, point 6 lays out the importance of developing low emissions in air travel. The UK will:


- Invest GBP 15 million into FlyZero, a 12-month study delivered through Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) in designing and developing zero-emission aircraft that could enter service in 2030


- Run a GBP 15 million competition to support the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). Establish a SAF clearing house to enable the certification of new fuels, blend greener fuels into kerosene to create a market-led demand for alternative fuels, invest in R&D into the infrastructure upgrades required at airports to move to battery and hydrogen aircrafts


- Invest 20 million GBP into the Clean Maritime Demonstration Programme to develop clean maritime technology


Expected results:

- 5200 jobs supported by a domestic SAF industry

- future proofing the aerospace industry which is worth 12 billion GBP to the economy

- savings of 1 MtCO2e by 2032 from clean maritime and nearly 15 MtCO2e by 2050 from SAF.


2021: Consultation on the Aviation Decarbonisation Strategy

2025: Consult on SAF mandate and run a 15 million GBP competition for fuel plants in 2021, with a mandate possibly starting in 2025.

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