Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution - Point 1: Offshore Wind Power

Last updated: 26 April 2023

As part of the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution (with an expected budget of 12 billion GBP) announced by the UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, :    


Point 1 : Advancing Offshore Wind   

By 2030, plan to quadruple offshore wind capacity, including 1 GW of innovative floating offshore wind. The UK will continue using its Contract for Differences auction to realize this target, leveraging around 20 billion GBP of private investment by 2030. The government will also support:

- investment of 160 million GBP in modern ports and manufacturing infrastructure.

- an Offshore Transmission Network Review in 2021

- a forthcoming Energy White Paper, that plans for smart systems and introducing competition in onshore networks


11 March 2021 update:

Government investment in offshore wind ports

- £95 million government investment for 2 new offshore wind ports to be constructed in the Humber region and Teesside, creating 6,000 new jobs 

- GE Renewable Energy first company confirmed to build new factory at the new Teesside port 

First major step in delivering Prime Minister’s green pledge to provide enough energy from offshore wind to power every home in the UK by 2030


9 August 2021 update: 

The government and the private sector will spend 266 million GBP to boost offshore wind manufacturing industry. Offshore wind manufacturers Siemens Gamesa and GRI Renewable Industries will receive grant funding from the government’s £160 million Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Support scheme. Both companies will be supplying key components to offshore wind farms providing clean power across the UK – as well as for trading generated power around the world.

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