Guidelines for the Conformation, Implementation and Authorisation of the Industrial and Operational Safety and Environmental Protection Administrative Systems applicable to the Hydrocarbon Sector

Last updated: 8 March 2024

Under these Guidelines, companies engaged in the hydrocarbon sector must establish an Administrative System to prevent and control risks and improve the performance of their projects in terms of industrial and operational safety, and environmental protection (Article 7). Under the Guidelines, each Regulated Entity’s Administrative System must establish a mechanism for the identification, analysis, evaluation, monitoring and mitigation of risks (Annex I, Article 2). The Administration System must be complied with and operated permanently during all stages of development of the Project (Article 28). The Guidelines establish procedures for regulated entities to register and obtain certification for their Administrative System from ASEA. Regulated entities must then submit periodic reports and submit to external audits. Information submitted to the Agency by these Regulated entities are considered public information (Article 5).

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