Increase in public support for sustainable urban mobility & EV

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 8 February 2022

The Klimaaktiv mobil fund will be increased to improve infrastructure in cities with more than 30 000 inhabitants and to double bike traffic from 7 to 13% by 2025, with the support of EUR 40 million for the expansion of bike infrastructure. 


E-mobility will also be developed as an alternative model for mobility to public transport. Buyers of EV received subsidies from the government, with increased financial means expected as a result of Covid 19.  The bonus system of 1st July 2020 was extended from its initial plan dating back from 2019 (E-mobilitätsoffensive), in cooperation with the importers of car and two-wheeled vehicles and sports retail. In total, EUR 46 million will be available for funding this programme in 2021.     


In order to support the 'right to plug' initiative for the development of EV infrastructure, regulatory obstacles in the implementation and expansion of charging-solutions in the area of housing law are also to be removed.

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