Environmental Act No. 193 of 2001

Last updated: 23 December 2020

The Environmental Act was promulgated by Royal Decree No. M/34 of 2001 to protect the environment, society, and promote sustainable development of natural resources.


Under the Act, the Department of Meteorology and Environmental Protection is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the state of the environment; developing monitoring methods and tools, gathering information and procedures for environmental studies; documenting and disseminating environmental information; ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and standards; establishing environmental protection measures; and spreading environmental awareness.


The law requires that environmental assessment studies be conducted at the feasibility stage for all projects with potential adverse impacts on the environment, per the specified principles and standards.


Any person supervising a project or facility whose operations have potential negative impacts on the environment must develop management plans to prevent or mitigate risks of these impacts and must acquire the means capable of implementing such strategies.


Furthermore, the Act stipulates that authorities must incorporate environmental considerations in the process of planning for development projects, programs and developmental plans for various sectors and the general developmental plan.

The law requires facility owners to keep the gases or fumes emitted from any form of fuel-burning within the allowed limits. They must also take the necessary steps to prevent the leakage or emission of air pollutants, except within the limits of acceptable environmental standards.

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