Infrastructure Fund, Covid Response and Recovery Fund

Last updated: 15 June 2021
Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Infrastructure outlined a NZD 3 billion Infrastructure Fund in the Covid Response and Recovery Fund to allocate across regions, along with a range of projects that are receiving funding to highlight the broad range of infrastructure being invested in across communities. Ministers also established Infrastructure Reference Group to work with local councils and businesses to identify projects to support the economy during the Covid-19 rebuild. The investment package includes about $210 million for climate resilience and flood protection projects, $155 million for transformative energy projects, about $180 million for large-scale construction projects and $50 million for enhanced regional digital connectivity.Cabinet’s initial decisions on this allocation include: Housing and urban development: $464m Environmental: $460m Community and social development: $670m Transport (cycleways, walkways, ports and roads): $708m The projects are in addition to the $12 billion New Zealand Upgrade Programme and existing Provincial Growth Fund investments.(Note: not all projects will necessarily be related to the clean energy transition, but given the scale of this recovery package, we thought it best to include it as reference when analysing and understanding the strategic planning of New Zealand's recovery planning.)

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