Ministerial Decision No. 118/2004 concerning the control of air pollution from stationary sources

Last updated: 23 December 2020

This decision is based on Royal Decree 114/2001 on the conservation of the environment and prevention of pollution, and it sets standards for air pollutant emissions from stationary sources.


It requires operators to take appropriate measures to prevent the emission of pollutants and to mitigate the adverse effects in case of pollution, complying with emission standards and monitoring emissions. They are also required to submit the monitoring results to the Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources.


Emissions standards are set for a number of sector, including oil and gas and, specifically, flaring in oil fields and refineries, power plants, and petrochemical works. Of note for petroleum facilities: 0.035 g/m3 for volatile organic compounds from vapour recovery units; 0.010 g/m3 for unburnt hydrocarbons from flares in oil fields and refineries; 0.010 g/m3 for unburnt hydrocarbons from natural gas or diesel industrial combustion sources.


The law also requires owners to obtain environmental permits for operating plants and establishes applicable penalties.

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