Act of 21 November 2008 on support for thermomodernisation and renovation

Last updated: 16 September 2020
The act defines the rules of financing from the resources of the Thermomodernization Fund and Repairs of part of the costs of thermomodernization and repair undertakings.The purpose of the Thermomodernisation and Repair Fund is to provide financial assistance to investors carrying out thermomodernisation and repair undertakings and to pay compensation to owners of residential buildings in which accommodation facilities were located. Forms of assistance: - thermomodernization bonus - repair /renovotion premium - compensation bonusThe previous amendment - from December 2018 - launched a pilot program for single-family houses, the amendment to the Act on support for thermomodernization and renovation, this time proposes to strengthen, among other things, assistance in the case of thermomodernization of large plate buildings, greater support for local government investments and comprehensive thermomodernizations. The new regulations provide for assistance for local governments in carrying out residential renovations of municipal buildings. change of the method of calculating the thermomodernization bonus (bonus for comprehensive thermomodernization) and support for microinstallations of RES.Provisions of the amendment introduced in 2020 to the Act on support for thermomodernisation and renovation came into force in April 2020. The introduced amendments are aimed, among others, at encouraging comprehensive modernization with the use of RES (microinstallations), encouraging additional entities to invest, combating smog (low emission problem) and energy poverty.

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