Electromobility - 3 separate programmes ("Green Car", "eVAN" and "Koliber")

Last updated: 28 October 2021

The Ministry of Climate and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management launched three electromobility programmes, aiming to stimulate the economy and the development of EVs in Poland.


These programmes are as follow:

- The "Green Car" programme, which is direct subsidies distributed for the purchase of electric vehicles. The subsidy does not exceed more than 15% of the elgible costs (which are also constrained to be less than PLN 125 000). PLN 37.5 million are allocated to this programme.

- The "eVAN" programme, which is subsidies for entrepreneurs to incentivise the purchase of an electric van. The subisidy can reach up to PLN 5000. PLN 70 million will be allocated to this programme.

-  The "Koliber" programme, supporting the purchase of electric taxis. PLN 40 million will be allocated to this programme.


Overall, PLN 150 million are expected to be spent through these electromobility programmes.

This plan is part of the Green Investments Plan, published in early 2020.

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