Government Report on Medium-term Climate Change Plan for 2030 – Towards Climate-Smart Day-to-Day Living

Last updated: 16 September 2020
Provisions on the medium-term climate policy plan have been laid down in the Climate Change Act (609/2015).The plan sets the emissions reduction target for greenhouse gases to 2030 and specifies the actions to betaken to ensure that the targets are reached and that they are compatible with the long-term climate changeobjective.The plan applies to the non-emissions trading sectors, i.e. the so-called effort sharing sector. This comprisestransport, agriculture, building specific heating, waste management and F-gas emissions. Together with theEnergy and Climate Strategy completed at the end of 2016, the plan implements the climate and energypolicy objectives set in the Government Programme. The plan further specifies and supplements the emissionsreduction actions set out in the Energy and Climate Strategy. Linkages and cross-cutting themes between thesectors are also examined, including the role of consumption and work on climate change issues done locally.The preparation of the plan was based on the same baseline scenario as was used for the Energy and ClimateStrategy.According to the Commission’s proposal, the Finnish target for emissions reduction in the effort sharing sectorby 2030 is 39% compared to 2005. The actions now included in the baseline scenario are not sufficient toachieve this. The medium-term plan assesses what kind of measures should be taken to reduce the gap, alsotaking account of the factors of uncertainty we are aware of. The emissions reduction measures included in theplan also support the attainment of the long-term emissions reduction objective, i.e. the objective set to 2050.

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