Australian Technology Investment Roadmap

Last updated: 30 January 2024

The Australian Government developed a national Technology Investment Roadmap. The roadmap will help prioritise Australian investments in new and developing low emissions technologies and allow the government to work towards clear priorities over the short, medium and long term. It will provide a framework for setting economic stretch goals for priority technologies. This Roadmap will be supported by: Low Emissions Technology Statements published each year to communicate progress towards defined technology goals. Each statement will provide an update of global technological developments and fine-tune the Government’s investment portfolio while retaining commitment to our long term vision. Ministerial Reference Panel composed of industry, private investment, government and research leaders to advise the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction in the preparation of Low Emissions Technology Statements. While the reference panel will advise generally on technology priorities, its primary role will be identifying pathways for efficient deployment of new technologies. Technical expert review to ensure the Low Emissions Technology Statements are supported by the best available data and analytics. Targeted industry and community consultation to test the assumptions behind the Government’s technical analysis and build partnerships with stakeholders. The first Low Emissions Technology Statement was published in 2020.

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