National Hydrogen Strategy

Last updated: 4 April 2022

The Advancing Hydrogen Fund announced its National Hydrogen Strategy, using existing Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) funds to provide up to AUD 300 million for the growth of a clean, innovative, safe and competitive Australian hydrogen industry.      

In line with the CEFC Act, projects seeking CEFC finance through the Advancing Hydrogen Fund are required to be commercial, draw on renewable energy, energy efficiency and/or low emissions technologies and contribute to emissions reduction. Eligible projects can include those which advance hydrogen production; develop export and domestic hydrogen supply chains, including hydrogen export industry infrastructure, establish hydrogen hubs and assist in building domestic demand for hydrogen.


June 2021 update: The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) makes the first hydrogen-related investment financing Hysata, a company working on the commercialization of innovative electrolyser production technology. CEFC invests AUD 750,000.


November 2021 update: CEFC and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) are co-financing a new project supported by the government: a green hydrogen project in Townsville (North Queensland) to develop clean hydrogen-powered trucks.

The government is committing AUD 15.5 million, of which:

- AUD 12.5 million from the CEFC to construct a 1 MW electrolyser and to buy new trucks;

- AUD 3.02 million from ARENA, to be received once the refuelling facility is commissioned and five trucks are delivered, in December 2022.

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