Environmental Protection Regulations for Hydrocarbon Activities - Supreme Decree Nº 039-2014-EM

Last updated: 3 May 2022

This regulation outlines environmental control and management requirements that aim to prevent, mitigate, remediate and compensate negative environmental impact from oil and gas developments as well as to promote sustainable development.


It defines that oil and gas activities are subject to an environmental impact assessment process linked to a permitting scheme. Moreover, they shall carry out environmental management programs to address their negative impacts and report yearly on the results thereof. Depending on the complexity and expected impacts of developments, different types of environmental studies are required as follows:


  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Semi-comprehensive Environmental Impact Study
  • Comprehensive Environmental Impact Study
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment 


Annex No 1 describes developments pertaining to each category.


Furthermore, the regulation states that oil and gas projects are required to monitor and control effluents and emissions resulting from its operations. It also has provisions on public participation, waste management, contingency plans, and enforcement means.

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