Legal harmonization of the 2010/31/EU Directive

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In 2013 the Directive 2010/31/EU concerning buildings energy performance has been adapted into the national legal system. The major changes below:
- Registration, inspection and sanction through building codes and regulations regarding their use
- Conditions for the marketing of construction products
- Products information for processing rules in the building industry
Some examples:
- Energy certificates: quality control and creation of the record, sanctioning the abuses.
- The project designer must examine for all new buildings if the renewable energy utilization project the, heat or cogeneration or district heating are feasible. This activity must be documented.
- The technical design documentations must include the feasibility analysis of alternative energy and Building Energy calculation.
- Within 90 days of completion of the works the energy performance certificates must be ready and shall ensure its cloud-based documentations by the Building Documentation Centre.
- The manufacturer must provide the most important product characteristics (eligibility certifications of the products is not enough).

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