Electricity Billing

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In 1995, a pilot project with four energy utilities participating in three regions was completed which aimed at developing a more simplified and informative electricity bill for household consumers. The goal was to give customers a better understanding of both energy efficiency and a liberalised electricity market. Customers participating in the pilot project receive frequent electricity bills based on actual electricity consumption. The bills included a graphical, temperature related figure which enabled the customers to compare their use of energy over time. Information regarding energy efficiency measures, the possibility of changing suppliers and information on tariffs was included in the bill. A similar project carried out by the Nordic Council showed an energy saving potential of 5-10%. From 1 June 1999, all utilities are required to send their customers a simplified electricity bill. Electricity bills are now sent to every customer quarterly, or even more frequently, and are based on actual consumption instead of an estimated consumption for each period. The aim of this measure is to increase customers awareness of their electricity consumption.