Package to Reduce Emissions in Heavy Industry and Drive Economic Recovery (Including Jet Zero Council)

Last updated: 11 April 2022

The UK government announced a GBP 350 million investment package to cut down emissions from heavy industry, construction, space and transport, and drive forward the green recovery. The announcement comes ahead the first meeting of the Jet Zero Council, which was tasked with delivering net-zero aviation by 2050. The fund is another step towards the UK's binding target of net-zero emissions by 2050.


The GBP 350 million investment package includes:

- GBP 139 million to support the transition from natural gas to hydrogen in the heavy industry, as well as scaling CCS technology;

- GBP 149 million to drive the use of innovative material in heavy industry, such as the development of recyclable steel;

- GBP 26 million to support advanced building techniques in the construction industry;

- GBP 10 million for 19 projects on "state-of-the-art" construction technologies, such as re-usable roofs and walls;  

- the launch of a New National Space Innovation Programme backed by GBP 15 million of funding from the UK Space Agency, on monitoring climate change; 

- bids for a further GBP 10 million for R&D in he automotive sector to bring prototypes to the market, such as more powerful batteries. 





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