Resolution No 806 of 2020 from ANP

Last updated: 4 February 2022

This regulation establishes procedures for controlling and reducing flaring and losses from oil and gas developments. It outlines annual and monthly limits for flaring and losses, linking these to royalty fees and noncompliance to sanctions.


A provision defines that if limits are exceeded due to operational restrictions, production units must reduce the production of oil and natural gas in order to minimize burning or loss. Furthermore, burning of crude oil and non-associated gas are forbidden, with pertaining exceptions made for emergency reasons and production tests with length under 72 hours. It also provides guidelines for requests related to extraordinary flaring, including requirements pertaining to commissioning activities (e.g. deadlines for the start of gas reinjection, information to be reported, gas utilization curves) and long-term production tests (e.g. maximum time without use of the produced gas).

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