Informative Note No 02 of 2013 from CGPEG/DILIC/IBAMA

Last updated: 4 February 2022

This regulation details procedures adopted for environmental permitting of offshore oil and gas undertakings with regard to the mitigation of environmental impacts associated with the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). It outlines requirements related to: commissioning projects, including timetables for the operationalisation of gas treatment and destination systems (e.g. VRUs, compressors, export pipelines); the authorisation to start production of individual wells, often linked to a platform´s efficiency regarding utilisation and destination of the produced gas; CO2 reinjection in reservoirs; compensation of GHG emissions related to extraordinary volumes of gas flared or CO2 vented during tests of production wells or the commissioning phase; and flaring limits. Moreover, compensation measures are defined before operation and can take the form of reforestation projects, contributions to climate funds or acquisition and liquidation of carbon credits at different rates, generally offsetting 10 to 100% of estimated emissions (calculated after operation). It also requires recordkeeping and reporting of information pertaining to GHG emissions. These requirements are applied on a case by case basis and vary in accordance with project characteristics.

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