Climate and nature-protection action plan

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 13 July 2021

The Plan builds on previous efforts and provides a set of well-defined climate protection tools.


1. Hungary will rid the country of illegally discarded waste.

2. Hungary will ban single-use plastics and will create deposit return schemes for glass and plastic bottles and metal cans

3. Hungary will protect its water resources. Hungary will be working on reviving habitats and creating conditions for conservation across 150,000 hectares of protected natural areas by 2021.

4. Hungary will support renewable energy production by SMEs. Hungary will provide HUF 32 billion to support renewable energy production by Hungarian SMEs. Hungary will also transform the Mátra Power Plant into an environmentally friendly facility. The modernisation of the Mátra Power Plant will enable Hungary to significantly reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

5. One million trees will be planted every year–at least ten for every new-born baby. By 2030 forest cover will be increased to 27% of the area of the country.

6. In the next 10 years (between 2020 and 2030) a six-fold increase in Hungary’s solar energy production capacity is planned. By 2030 90% of energy generated in Hungary will be carbon-neutral. In order to make electricity consumption controllable, by 2030 Hungary will have installed at least 1 million smart meters. Over the next 10 years Hungary will install smart meters in 25% of Hungarian households.

7. Hungary plans to support wider availability and use of affordable electric cars. Electric vehicles will represent a significantly larger share of new car sales. Hungary has launched the Green Bus Program. The plan is that, within 10 years, half of the public buses will be environmentally friendly.

8. Hungary has introduced Green Government Bonds.

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