Subsidy for industrial development of e-vehicles and for their purchases

Last updated: 26 April 2023

The government intends to allocate PLN 70 million to enterprises in the area of developing the production of components, accompanying services and charging infrastructure for electric and hydrogen vehicles. Co-financing is to cover 300 companies introducing the so-called "new product". This program will be implemented in 2020-2025 and can be regarded as a supplement for National Plan of Electromobility Development, with a total value PLN 150 million. 


Green car: assisting in purchasing electric vehicles for private use, purchase price of the vehicle must not exceed PLN 125,000, expected to finance the purchase of two thousand electric vehicles (total budget: PLN 37.5 million) 


eVan programme: PLN 70 million to be directed towards business owners who have decided to purchase electric vehicles; expected to optimise purchase targets towards 1000 eVan. The subsidy cannot exceed 30% of the value and PLN 70 000. 


Hummingbird: PLN 40 million allocated for the programme to support the purchase/leasing of 1000 electric taxes (M1 category) 


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