Last updated: 15 October 2019

The PROCEL Energy Seal programme was developed and awarded by the National Program for Energy Conservation (PROCEL), and it is coordinated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, with the Executive Secretariat held by Eletrobrás. The PROCEL Seal stimulates the production and marketing of energy efficient products by endorsing the most efficient appliance in each category. This provides customers with the information about which appliance is the best to buy in order to lower their energy bill.


To determine which product gets the Seal, the range of products on the market are tested in a laboratory and the most efficient one receives the endorsement seal. For each appliance category, there are specific standards which must be tested and met in order to qualify. Membership is voluntary.


This policy has been updated many times since 1993, the main updates cocerned:

 - revise the PROCEL Seal criteria, considering the possibility of creating extra categories rewarding the most efficient products among those awarded the PROCEL Seal, and to create an indicator about the evolution of energy efficiency thanks to the PROCEL Seal.

- evaluate and include new appliances in the PROCEL Seal Program, such as LED lamps and photoelectric relays

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