National Programme for Tackling Climate Change 2000/2010

Last updated: 11 September 2019

In January 2000 the French government released the National Programme to Combat Climate Change elaborated by the Mission Interministérielle sur l'Effet de Serre, MIES (Inter-ministerial Mission on Climate Change). The Programme presents a set of 96 measures designed to comply with the French commitments to 2010.

It identified three categories of measures:

-- Regulatory measures, standards, incentives: these traditional measures would avoid 7 Mtc of GHG emissions.

-- Fiscal measures such as carbon/energy taxes which will result in a 6.7 Mtc emissions reduction (including the reinforced impact of traditional measures).

-- New infrastructure development over the long-term from which the impact in 2010 is assessed around 2.2 Mtc.

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