EECA Business Programmes

Last updated: 14 September 2020
The EECA Business programmes recognise that switching to sustainable energy is a challenge, particularly with long-life plant and equipment. Businesses are supported to trial and adopt low emissions technologies and techniques. A suite of programmes are available that include: Energy Audits; An Energy Management Benchmark Service; Energy Management Plans (development and implementation of an energy management framework to manage energy usage); Feasibility Studies and Business Cases (assessment of the technical and financial feasibility of an energy efficiency or renewable energy project at design phase); Industrial Systems Design Advice (design advice on the energy efficiency of a proposed industrial system or process in the design phase. This includes process heat, pumping and fans, compressed air, industrial refrigeration and manufacturing process.); Monitoring and Targeting (monitoring and targeting of all energy using systems and processes on commercial and industrial sites); Systems Optimisation (optimisation of commercial and industrial systems including process heat, pumps and motors, compressed air, refrigeration, HVAC and lighting controls.); Technology Demonstrations (support for the implementation for proven underutilised technologies and process improvements that with wider adoption could improve sector energy performance - see separate entry); and Crown Loans (interest free loans to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for publicly funded organisations - see separate entry).

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