A new website has been launched to complement the IEA's Oil Market Report and to enable users to delve further into the IEA's extensive information resources.

In fast-moving markets, speed is a vital commodity. The OMR is the first report published in each calendar month, based on information from the IEA's broad network of contacts in government and industry, covering oil market activity in the preceding months. WWW.OILMARKETREPORT.ORG features over 2000 charts which are updated each month and available simultaneously to subscribers with the release of the OMR. It includes for example, disaggregated crude and product stocks by OECD country: in the OMR, this forms part of the aggregated OECD figure. This website also gives access to archived editions of previous reports, via a powerful search engine.

Over the last 20 years, the IEA's Oil Market Report has become important reading for those involved in oil market decision-making, forecasting, analysis and planning. It is widely regarded as an authoritative source for information on world oil market fundamentals, covering supply, demand, OECD stocks, prices and trade.

All charts on WWW.OILMARKETREPORT.ORG can be downloaded and saved in PDF format. They can then be incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation. The charts come with a choice of "views" that allow users to look at developments according to their analytical need. This new service brings the IEA's oil market information to a much wider audience, including the academic world.

"The oil industry is generally characterised by a lack of transparency, given the confidentiality surrounding production rates and stocks held in inventory. With WWW.OILMARKETREPORT.ORG, we offer access to the information that underlies our assessments in the Report," says Klaus Rehaag, editor of the OMR. "We make more information available and hopefully this will help increase transparency in the oil market."

The service went online for OMR electronic subscribers in July and the initial two-month operation period has been highly successful. Monthly updates to WWW.OILMARKETREPORT.ORG will be reserved for subscribers to the OMR for two weeks after OMR release, but then made available for all visitors to the site http://OMRPUBLIC.IEA.ORG .