IEA Executive Director meets with Austria's Prime Minister Mr Christian Kern

IEA Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol was in Vienna, Austria, on Monday for a bilateral meeting with Austria's Prime Minister Christian Kern to discuss the country’s efforts to implement energy policies that promote environmental protection, economic growth and energy security. Their meeting was followed by a joint press conference and official lunch.

Prime Minister Kern announced a range of energy policy targets for Austria, including new business models for solar and wind power, and plans to tackle challenges in transport and energy efficiency. Dr Birol welcomed the plans, noting that if realized these plans and targets could make Austria a good example when it comes to sustainable energy by reducing emissions, supporting economic growth and adding jobs. Dr Birol also noted that sound policy coordination will be necessary to ensure the success of Austria’s energy targets.

During the visit, Dr Birol also gave a special address at the 15th International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) European Conference, titled “Global Energy Markets in Transition: Implications for the economy, environment & geopolitics”.  The event was organised by the Technical University of Vienna, where Dr Birol studied and received his MSc and PhD in energy economics.