IEA Executive Director holds talks with Prime Minister of Hungary

BUDAPEST – Dr Fatih Birol, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, met with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Budapest on Thursday as part of his official visit to Hungary to launch the IEA Energy Policy Review of Hungary.

The Executive Director and the Prime Minister exchanged views on matters of global energy markets, energy security and Hungarian energy policy. Their talks also covered geopolitics and energy, the role of new technologies and recent progress on the IEA’s modernisation programme. Prime Minister Orbán expressed strong support for the IEA's “open doors” policy to deepen engagement with the major emerging economies. In relation to Hungarian energy policy, the Executive Director commended Hungary's efforts to strengthen energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Executive Director also highlighted the importance of diversification of energy sources and competition in energy markets.

During the visit, the Executive Director also met with Mr András Aradszki, Minister of State for Energy. The Minister strongly endorsed the role the IEA plays in safeguarding global energy security while the Executive Director once more emphasised the key messages contained in the IDR report.