Dr Noé van Hulst to head the IEA Long Term Office

The IEA is pleased to announce that Dr. Noé van Hulst has been appointed Director of the IEA’s Office of Long-Term Co-operation and Policy Analysis, effective 1 September 2003. Dr. van Hulst succeeds Mr. Olivier Appert. Dr. van Hulst, a Dutch national, is the former Director-General for Competition and Energy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands. In that capacity, he was in charge of liberalising the Dutch electricity and gas markets, privatisation of energy companies, promoting energy efficiency and renewables, and policies related to security of oil supply, gas and mining. Subsequent to joining the Ministry in 1988, Dr. van Hulst worked as Deputy Director for Technology Policy, Director for Fair Trading and Deputy Director-General of Economic Structure. He has written a number of publications on issues such as liberalisation of energy markets, labour markets, technology policy, and competition policy.

Dr. van Hulst chaired the Executive Board of the International Energy Forum (IEF) and was Head of the Netherlands’ Delegation to the Governing Board of the IEA. He also served as the representative of the State of the Netherlands on the Board of Supervisory Directors of GASUNIE N.V. Dr. van Hulst received his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Economics from the Free University in Amsterdam. The IEA’s Office of Long-Term Co-operation and Policy Analysis conducts policy analysis of coal, gas and electricity, including nuclear and renewables in the context of energy market developments, and monitors key policy issues raised by regulatory reform and market liberalisation in the sector. It reports on the energy policies of member countries and carries out analysis to assist in the integration of environmental and energy policies. The Office is also responsible for the influential World Energy Outlook, published annually.