Workshop — Copenhagen, Denmark

World Energy Outlook 2008: The Road to Copenhagen


“The World Energy Outlook provides a rigorous analytical framework for energy policy makers and the energy industry, based on robust quantitative analysis. The World Energy Outlook 2008 will include an in-depth assessment of climate change, in addition to providing a new set of long-term energy projections incorporating the latest data and policies. It responds to the need for analysis of post-2012 architecture and scenarios and will offer an important input to global climate negotiations, as well as valuable insights into energy policy and technological responses to the climate challenge. This workshop is a vital element of the World Energy Outlook 2008 process, helping to shape the key messages of the study. The World Energy Outlook 2008 will in turn feed into the UNFCCC process, providing an energy sector perspective and an analytical overview of post-2012 proposals – distilling the key choices for policy-makers.”

Press Release
Presentation by Dr. Fatih Birol
Workshop photo