Workshop — Paris, France

Web Conference: CCS outcomes from Durban and next steps for CCS in the CDM


CCS is set to be an integral part of global efforts to limit increase in global temperatures to no more than 2 degrees celsius by 2050; the Durban Agreement provides a positive signal for long-term climate mitigation and investment, including in CCS technologies. Durban saw formal inclusion of CCS in the CDM, with Modalities and Procedures being adopted to allow CCS projects to come on board. This decision provides an international incentive mechanism for supporting CCS operations in developing countries, and is a significant step forward for global CCS deployment.

This webinar will provide an overview of Durban outcomes as they relate to CCS, with a focus on the development of Modalities and Procedures for inclusion of CCS in the CDM. The IEA will commence the webinar by providing an introduction to the developments in Durban broadly. The UNFCCC Secretariat will then provide an overview of Modalities and Procedures for CCS in the CDM and next steps. This will be followed by presentations from both Annex I and non-Annex I negotiators, who will provide an inside perspective from the negotiating table. The webinar will also address possible demand and supply for CERs in the CDM post 2012 and how this could impact CCS development. Presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion, including on next steps.

A recording of this event is available to view or download - Webinar recording

Host: Sean McCoy, IEA Secretariat.

Moderator: Ellina Levina, IEA Secretariat. Durban outcomes: significance for CCS.

Presenter: Lambert Schneider, UNFCCC Secretariat. Overview of Durban outcomes and next steps for CCS in the CDM.

Presenter:  Stig Svenningsen, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. An Annex 1 perspective.

Presenter: Hugh Sealy, Grenadian Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economy, Energy and Cooperatives. A non-Annex 1 perspective.
Presenter:Majid Al Suwaidi and Rob Bradley, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A non-Annex 1 perspective.

Presenter: Liva Andersone, European Commission. Provisions for the use of CERs in the EU Emissions Trading System and
Effort Sharing Decision

Discussion and Closing Remarks: Ellina Levina and Sean McCoy, IEA Secretariat