Workshop — Paris, France

Urban Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 Workshop


The IEA hosted a two-day workshop on 28-29 October 2014. This workshop was one of the kick-off meetings to plan for the analysis related to the publication of Energy Technology Perspectives 2016. Participants included representatives from member countries of the IEA as well as from developed and emerging economies and relevant international initiatives. Industry stakeholders and members of the IEA’s Energy Technology Network also participated and provided information and input.


Session 1: Introduction session

Welcome remarks, ETP 2016 project overview and workshop objectives
Jean-François Gagné, Head of Energy Technology Policy Division, IEA

Session 2: International urban energy and sustainability initiatives
Moderator: Jean-François Gagné


Session 3: Urban energy programmes and support mechanisms
Moderator: John Dulac, Energy Technology analyst, IEA


Session 4: Urban energy analytical tools, metrics and frameworks
Moderator: Luis Munuera, Energy Technology analyst, IEA


Session 5: ETP 2016 Analytical plans and potential collaboration opportunities
Moderator: Daniele Poponi, Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 project manager, IEA