The International Energy Workshop (IEW)


The International Energy Workshop (IEW) consists of an informal network of analysts concerned with international energy issues. Its main goals are to compare energy projections and to understand the reasons for diverging views of future developments. Topics of current interest are discussed at annual meetings attended by individuals involved in the wide field of energy.

The 2008 meeting of the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY WORKSHOP (IEW) will be organised by the Economic Analysis Division of the International Energy Agency, Paris, on 30 June-2 July 2008.

List of Participants
Energy Technology Perspectives 2008


Monday 30 June

Plenary Session
Parallel Session 1 - Scenarios and Projections
Parallel Session 2 - Energy Supply / Fossil Fuels
Parallel Session 3 - Energy Policy 1

Tuesday 1 July

Plenary Session
Parallel Session 4 - Demand / Energy Efficiency / Transportation
Parallel Session 5 - Climate Change
Parallel Session 6 - Energy Policy 2

Wednesday 2 July

Plenary Session
Parallel Session 7 - Uncertainty and Probabilities
Parallel Session 8 - Energy Technology
Parallel Session 9 - Energy Policy 3 / Methodology / Electricity